How do I retrieve the recurring billing authorization form with stored token?

When credit card data is stored in CenPOS, a printable recurring billing authorization form is generated. Send the form to your customer for a signature to keep on file. Occasionally, users will want to reprint the form after the initial date the token was generated.  The steps to retrieve the form at a later date are:

  • Login to the Virtual Terminal:
  • Credit and debit >Manage Token
  • Click on the magnifying glass to search stored records by customer name, token ID and other fields
  • Select the stored record by clicking on it one time
  • Click on AUTH FORM
  • Print or email the authorization form

search tokens

screenshot above: Click magnifying glass next to Name on card


recurring authorzation form


Q: Is there a way to store the signed form within CenPOS?

A: Not at this time.

If  any instruction items are not visible, contact your account administrator to add permissions.




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