Identity theft at Holy Cross Hospital and securing payments

At Holy Cross Hospital, technicians discovered that Emergency room employee Natashi Orr, 36, had printed basic computerized forms in patient files containing name, address, birth date, diagnosis and other details, officials said. Raushanah Bowleg, 33, Opa-locka, did the same on his job at an Aventura physician office.

At another hospital, the intake process requires all data be entered in the computer directly, and an electronic signature is captured. Yet to accept payment, the cashier walks to another area, out of view from the consumer, and next to a copier.  During this time the card could have been skimmed for the magnetic data or a copy made of the card, both posing considerable risk of identity theft.

While the latter situation has not resulted in a data compromise to my knowledge, the situation is equally dangerous.

3D Merchant Services has a payment processing solution with enhanced features created specifically for hospitals and medical billing companies. Here are a few highlights:

– User level security. Modify, add, and delete users and their permission levels for processing payments for phone/mail and in person. Combined with alerts and other features, prevent internal and external fraud.
– Tokenization. Would you like to re-bill a customer on their initial payment method? Set up recurring billing? Without storing their credit card data? Create a secure token to enable repeat billing. Even if stolen, the tokens are worthless.
– Least cost routing – Attach a signature capture terminal to your PC’s and eliminate human errors that create costly interchange (95% of your payment processing cost) downgrades, plus dynamically determines least cost method to process.

– Reporting. The number one reason CFO’s cite as the reason for implementing immediately. From downloadable financial data to dynamically created graphic reports that quickly show risk mitigation and treasury reports by organization or location, solution delivers what you want, when you want it.
There is no other technology on the market positively impacting compliance, costs, and fraud like this, which is why 98% of organizations that see a demo implement it.

Our solution can be integrated with traditional medical billing and intake systems. The technology platform sits in front of the existing processor.

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