Identify transaction using token vs without token : CenPOS FAQ

tokenization for credit card sale cenpos

Segment of receipt that identifies whether a token was used for credit card transaction via CenPOS.

Is there a CenPOS report that I can print that shows if a token was used rather than a credit card number was keyed?  Yes, by pulling a Repeat Sale report. All transactions using a token are sent with the “Repeat Sale” process indicator, in accordance with card acceptance rules. For on demand reports, login to the virtual terminal.

  • Choose Reports> Reprint to include all attempted transactions.
  • Choose Reports> Transactions to include only settled transactions.
cenpos reports field change view

If you don’t see the “Processed” column in reports, click the show/hide columns button shown  at far right.

report fields checkboxes cenpos

To view only transactions in which a token was used, enter "repeat" in the filter field

To view only transactions in which a token was used, enter “repeat” in the filter field.

Use the icons in the upper right of report to print or export and paste into excel. Do you need this report regularly? With the executive dashboard report writer, create a report with any criteria and have it automatically delivered to any email group on any schedule.


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