How can you improve collecting payments for large outpatient bills?

When a patient has a large medical bill, do you ever agree to multiple payments? How do you handle it? For some operations, the answer is for the customer to call back each month to phone in their payment. The most frequent reason cited is to avoid risks associated with credit card fraud and identity theft.

This scenario is bad for multiple reasons:

  1. The patient may not call back.
  2. Your staff might have to make more calls to collect later.
  3. Staff has to key enter the transaction each and every time a payment is made.
  4. Staff has access to credit card data over and over again. (risk)
  5. Staff may be writing down card information to keypunch in later, each time creating a period of risk.

All of these can be avoided with a virtual terminal solution that meets all medical billing needs. Your computer can be a virtual terminal simply by logging in to a secure web page. Some think there is more risk with this, however, there is actually less risk.  Unlike desktop terminals, administration controls and manages access remotely on demand. This eliminates risk associated with wrongful use of hardware by cleaning personnel, repair crews and unauthorized employees, plus you can instantly remove, restrict, or expand credit card processing access.

We put the virtual terminal on steroids so you also receive these benefits:

  • Save gobs of time! When a customer agrees to multiple payments, enter the customer data one time only and then set the payment schedule. Eliminate the follow up phone calls and other activities. (Recurring Billing)
  • Reduce receivables and predict cashflow- Since payment is on ‘autopilot’, collection is more predictable. Dynamic real-time graphic report shows future receivables.
  • Instant alerts based on thresholds you set can be transmitted via email to multiple personnel to reduce risk. For example, every refund over $50 sends an email.
  • Create a one time payment for a different amount, then future fixed payments. No other virtual terminal allows you to do this! (Token billing)
  • If a customer has multiple bills from different dates, enter the card data one time. Then simply add more ‘contracts’ for billing.
  • Add multiple cards for a customer and multiple billing addresses- every possible option you need to collect payments are available.
  • Least cost routingeliminate human error and hardware settings from impacting the cost of accepting credit cards.
  • Improve workflow. Enter payments from immediate work area.
  • Optional integration with patient check-ins- customers can make partial payment at hospital on arrival, and agree to rebill same card for balance. You get swipe rate at hospital and phone rate in the future.
  • Pay a bill online- create a payment page quickly and easily with just 3 lines of html code to put on an existing web page. Web page creation available for a fee.


Can I keep the same credit card processor? Yes. The Virtual Terminal is compatible with all major processors.

Where is the card data stored? It is encrypted and stored on remote PCI Compliant servers with redundant back-up. Once the card data is entered, you’ll never have access to the card information, other than the last 4 digits, again.

How long will it take to learn? The basic tasks are learned in under 15 minutes. Users of advanced features will probably spend a few hours over the course of a week.

Do you provide phone support? Yes, 24/7. There are also dozens of 15-25 second videos for instant answers for every situation so your customers don’t have to wait. Phone support is included in the service.

How much does it cost? A better question is, how much will you save? Reduced credit card processing fees, reduced staff time, and improved cash flow. All agreements are per quote and may include a per transaction fee and or percentage of transaction fee. We custom quote so your business pays a fee relative to your business size, and not a penny more.

What are the computer requirements? Windows XP and above or any Mac OSX, with high speed internet.  There is no software to install. This is a host-based solution.

Can I see a demo? Yes! Call 954-942-0483.  If you want to know what your credit card processing savings will be, please send two consecutive merchant statements for analysis.

Do you offer credit card processing? They are two distinct agreements and we offer both.

How does this work if we also have a billing company handling our lockbox? The set up is very flexible. You can have one account that all users can see data for ie patient payment history and contract set up or not. You’ll have total control as to which users can see what data and what functions they can perform. You’ll never have to wait for a report again because you’ll have real time access to all transactions- on your schedule, and in a format that works for you.

How can we protect against fraud if we don’t ask for the CVV; don’t we save money by getting the CVV? The security or CVV, CVV2, CID code is not required for MAIL/PHONE payments. CVV never impacts cost. There are many other fraud protections such as address verification. Since CVV cannot be stored electronically, we do not collect it for recurring billing or token billing.

What about risks from computers? No data is stored on your computer. To meet PCI Compliance your individual computers or network will need PCI Scanning.

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