franchise credit card processing and e-invoice solution for business to business

What cloud solution improves EBITDA for franchisees and makes your business more appealing to new franchisees?  CenPOS is a fast growing payment processing solution, including payment gateway, that creates efficiencies for both merchants and their customers.  Additionally, most franchisees do not have the tools or education to comply with PCI DSS (Payment card industry data security standards), putting their enterprises at serious financial risk. CenPOS reduces PCI burden.

Top 5 problems solved:

  1. Cash flow:  The CenPOS Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment solution is proven to improve cash flow. While it takes days to print and deliver an mailed invoice,  a portion of customers receiving an invoice powered by CenPOS will pay instantly.
  2. Collections: How many times does accounting have to follow up on unpaid invoices? Resend copies of invoices? CenPOS will automatically resend invoices if a customer has not paid their bill.
  3. Ease of making a payment: What steps does your customer have to go through to make a payment today? The powered by CenPOS customer has the option to securely save their ACH and credit card information. To pay a bill they click the pre-filled payment object, select the stored payment method, and pay.
  4. Integration to accounting: Merchants can optionally integrate into accounting and ERP solutions. Contact us for the latest integrations available, an API, or to refer us to your software company. We’re always seeking new solutions to integrate into. With already created emulators- there may be no integration required at all.
  5. Transparency for multiple locations. CenPOS dashboard provides real-time reporting and audit trail of payments on a hierarchy basis.

About CenPOS “Creating efficiencies through payment innovation”
Founded in 2009, Miami-based CenPOS is a SaaS payment technology provider. CenPOS is an intelligent payment processing network that streamlines the payment experience for businesses and consumers by using state-of-the-art technology to replace inefficient, outdated payment systems.

Global Sales: Christine Speedy (954) 942-0483.


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