Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment,EBPP, does it really have to cost so much?

No, it doesn’t. Which solutions have you looked at? Why did you not purchase them? EBPP has been available for over a decade, but adoption rate is still low due to the high fees companies have been charging for implementation, especially for larger businesses. One relatively new Saas solution, CenPOS, an innovative payment processing platform creating efficiencies for merchants and their customers, is changing that business model.

I just read an old thread on the EBPP subject on linkedin in which someone asks, “what will it cost?”. The answer from someone who runs an EBPP company? $80,000 to $200,000 to start up, and $20,0000 to $60000 to operate. Not stated is just how long it will take to get started, but I’ve heard 6 months to a year or more is typical.

Our business model is completely different. We eliminate friction for both the merchant and the customers, by using existing systems and software, and adding PCI DSS compliant payment processing solutions.

Quick overview:

  • Days for implementation to turn your invoice to e-invoices electronically: 2-5
  • Set-up costs: Typically $150-200
  • Customers can receive invoice via email or SMS and then click and pay; fax is available too
  • Automated reminders- you set the schedule
  • Customers can store payment methods with our PCI DSS compliant solution, saving them time.
  • Automated system for credit card updating, before expiration
  • Mark as paid even if the customer paid by ckeck in the mail
  • Monthly maintenance costs: Varies by business volume, very reasonable
  • 7 years data retention, fully searchable
  • Micro User permission settings and alerts for strict internal fraud controls
  • ACH and credit cards supported online
  • Pay in person option supports cash

Modules Included:

  • Virtual terminal
  • EBPP portal for merchant
  • Payment portal for customers
  • Dashboard Reporting for C-level executives


  • Mobile payment app
  • Recurring revenue portal – installment, variable installment, recurring

More than just a system to send and pay invoices, the holistic payment ecosystem helps you manage your business more profitably. Instead of digging for data and manipulating spreadsheets,  you can create reports on the fly and export them or create rules and have reports prepared and sent to a distribution list automatically. Who owes more than $5000? This information is instantly available.  Integrate into your ERP or accounting software.

We set a goal to provide both value to the merchant and to their customers, with very little time to ramp up, and very little investment. In fact, we’ll let our customers try it free,”  Christine Speedy, Business Development and Global Channel Sales for CenPOS.


Click here to learn more about becoming a CenPOS EBPP reseller or for integrations.

Click here to become a CenPOS EBPP customer. 



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