EBPP Billtrust vs CenPOS review Part 1

The BillTrust and CenPOS EBPP blog series highlights product differences to help business to business companies select the best e-invoicing solution. Each company serves the electronic bill payment and presentment marketplace, but how they accomplish the goal is very different. Each article will address one specific item of interest.

ABOUT BILLTRUST: BillTrust is an established company with a history of customer billing success. They provide billing via US mail, email, and fax, and they offer customers the ability to collect a one time payment online without customer registration.

ABOUT CENPOS: CenPOS is a fast growing, intelligent payment processing network that streamlines the payment experience for businesses and consumers by using state-of-the-art technology to replace inefficient, outdated payment systems. CenPOS offers a single payment platform and gateway for all payment points, including online, retail, kiosk, ecommerce, mobile, and EBPP. This is a significant difference for the omnichannel merchant. They launched their first EBPP product in 2010, and provide billing via email, mobile and fax.  They also offer customers the ability to collect a one time payment online without customer registration.

Email Billing Service Delivery Difference:

BillTrust emails your invoices in a PDF file. The customer must be registered and login to pay their invoice.

CenPOS will email your invoices in a PDF file. Also included is a pre-filled payment object. The customer can click and immediately pay the invoice without logging in. If the customer is registered, they may use one of their stored payment methods, or add a new payment method.

The image below shows the landing page after the customer clicks from their email.  The invoice was already paid when I took this screenshot, so there is a zero balance due. )

EBPP Electronic Bill Presentment & PaymentBy eliminating the requirement to login, merchants will see a boost in speed to payment.

  • Eliminates issue of personnel needing to remember login information to pay a bill
  • Enables staffing flexibility- forward to others pay, without giving out merchant portal credentials

QUESTIONS?  Click here to learn how to become a CenPOS EBPP reseller or for integrations. Click here to become a CenPOS EBPP customer. 

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