Android Payment App For Attorneys

Android app for attorneys overview:

This mobile app, powered by CenPOS, works with your existing credit card processor and is not a standalone solution. Wherever you accept payments- online, tablet, smart phone, in the office, electronic bill payment & presentment- all the payment data is available from one central hub, the CenPOS Virtual Terminal.

The Android app includes all the essentials for accepting payments on the road.

android payment app

CenPOS Android App key differentiators:

  1. NON-DISRUPTIVE: It works with your existing credit card processor, and if you ever want to change processors, it takes just minutes to point to the new processor.
  2. FLEXIBILITY: Accept payments anywhere. Online, tablet, smart phone, in the office, electronic bill payment & presentment- with all data synched to the central Virtual Terminal hub.
  3. FEE MANAGEMENT: CenPOS proprietary patented technology eliminates limitations of hardware, software, and employee training, to qualify more transactions for the lowest rates possible. CenPOS automatically solves the issue of a single merchant account for both key entered and swiped transactions, so they both qualify for the lowest rates possible.
  4. RISK MITIGATION: Did you know that if you key enter a transaction on a retail merchant account, you must present a properly formatted signed receipt to defend against disputes? CenPOS presents transactions properly as card not present or card present to prevent lost disputes for this reason. 7 years receipts stored, including from your Droid App, at least 5 years more than other solutions, no coincidence matching IRS requirements.
  5. RECURRING BILLING: Securely store payment data for future billing, including setting up any variable schedule. Payment data is never on your server or devices.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? CenPOS fees are custom quoted per client, with a $100 minimum per month.

Can you assign payments to specific matter codes? Yes, simply supply a list of codes, then enter payment amounts on the drop down menu.

Can you split transactions for operating and trust accounts? Merchants can direct all deposits and refunds from one bank account, and ACH transfers for fees from another bank account. For all other needs, merchants should contact us with specific requirements.

Do you offer an invoicing system? Yes, merchants can create invoices on the fly or we electronically deliver your invoices for ‘click and pay’.

What swipe devices does this work with?

  • IDTECH Shuttle, Two-Track Mobile MagStripe Reader
  • IDTECH UniMag II, Two-Track Mobile MagStripe Reader

Does this work with other mobile devices? Yes, iPhone, iTouch, and iPad.

Can I integrate with my billing system? All transaction data, except full card data, can be exported as a CSV. Additionally, API ‘s are available for integration into other tablet applications, ERP’s, and billing systems.

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