You know your Dealer DMS is out of touch when…

Wow. I just had an interesting call with a DMS that’s mission is to offer a fully integrated, state-of-the-art computer system for auto dealers, with total access to their entire dealership picture, and to be their ‘sole source’ solution. I know one of their customers is looking for another DMS because of the lack of integrations and open connections to other products- and I told them so.

This DMS has an accounting module, but no integrated payment solution. They tell customers to use whatever they have. Is that a ‘single source’ solution? Unless a customer calls and asks for it, they’re not going even consider integrating anything, and even then, it may never happen. They don’t even want to talk about it. I know people are busy, but that did not seem to be the case here.

Wake up! Customers change DMS vendors without calling you to tell you why. How does yours DMS compare to the marketplace? Cheaper is not better.  Have you asked different departments what their needs are? Have you been to a major dealer show lately? Dealers are moving on to mobile payments, and you haven’t even integrated a basic retail solution? Innovate now or attrition may put you out of business.

Sure this person could have been giving me the brush off. She doesn’t have to believe a word about how dealer after dealer is adding our innovative technology to improve EBITDA. In fact, we’ve grown like wildfire without any DMS integrations at all. Why even have a conversation then? Because that’s about to change and small businesses are good for our economy so I don’t want them to be left out. DMS providers will need us to keep up or attrition will kill them.

The wise DMS asks probing questions about why dealers want our SaaS payment technology. The wise DMS wants to know where we’re headed. The wise DMS asks for more information because they want to keep up with innovative tools their dealers are using- whether they’re integrated or not.

If your DMS tells you to use third party software, ask them what their thoughts are for integrating that product for the future. Ask them what trade shows they’ll be attending or exhibiting at in the future. What is missing from your DMS? What is their plan to address that? What innovations have they rolled out in the last 12 months? What is their roadmap for future innovations? Are you two aligned?

Want to know what we’ve done in the last 12 months? Or what’s coming down the pipe? We regularly launch substantial improvements. For example, we recently launched:

  • Roles-based permissions for using the platform. Create unlimited roles and assign all users to that role. When new features are added, update an entire group of user permissions with one click.
  • Level 3 data for retail and card not present.  This feature saves merchants .70 to .85% on certain MasterCard corporate cards, and varying amounts for other brands.
  • Flat rate e-invoice. Parts departments can send unlimited invoices via text or email for instant payment, with buyers simply picking up on arrival. Service advisors invoice collect electronic payments for customers who need to pick up after hours.
  • Customer portal for e-invoices. Especially convenient for commercial accounts, customers can store both ACH and credit card info, update payment methods, pay invoices, and download past invoices on demand.

When dealers ask for something new, if it makes sense for other dealers too, we’re fast to respond. After 4 years of listening and updates, it’s pretty darn good!

To learn more about what we can offer dealers today, and what’s coming down the pipe, call Christine.


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