Free CenPOS mobile payments app now available in Apple iTunes store

The CenPOS Apple Mobile app provides CenPOS customers with an easy way to accept credit cards on their mobile devices. The application runs on IPhone, iPad and iTouch, and works with any compatible ID Tech device.
CenPOS Mobile transforms the mobile device into a secure credit card terminal, allowing the user to accept card swiped, hand-keyed and/or tokenized transactions and connect to all of the CenPOS payment acceptance platforms.

The CenPOS Mobile Apple app acts as an entry point to the CenPOS network allowing the mobile user to view detailed reporting for transactions that occur throughout the business enterprise, not only on their CenPOS Mobile device. Furthermore, the app integration does not require the user to change their financial services providers.

CenPOS Mobile Features

  •     Receive credit card authorizations quickly and securely on the go.
  •     Full transactional array including: Sale, Repeat Sale, Create Token, Authorization, Force, Return, Credit, and Void
  •     Capture signatures electronically by having the customer sign on the Mobile Device.
  •     Deliver customized receipts instantly to customers by email.
  •     Easy enterprise level reporting that allows you to view all payment activity.
  •     Payments made through the CenPOS Mobile device, retail location, and ecommerce website can all be seen in one location.
  •     Generate credit card authorizations by either swiping a credit card, manual entry, or through the use of a token.
  •     Payment information is hosted and not stored on mobile device.
  •     Free software and no surcharge to use any other CenPOS products

About CenPOS : “Creating efficiencies through payment innovation”

Founded in 2009, Miami-based CenPOS is a payment technology provider committed to providing its customers and partners with innovative solutions for today’s rapidly evolving consumer payment choices. CenPOS is an intelligent payment-processing network that streamlines the payment experience for businesses and consumers by using state-of-the-art technology to replace inefficient, outdated payment systems.

CenPOS sales: Christine Speedy direct (954)942-0483, HQ (305) 630-7960, or toll free: (877) 630-7960.

ID Tech Devices are available through 3D Merchant Services

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