Can I change e-invoice after sent? CenPOS revenue audit trail and invoices.

Our business to business service company frequently alters invoices after  a customer calls in. After CenPOS delivers an electronic invoice, how can I change it?

Customers cannot change any information in CenPOS. The audit trail is a significant feature of the payment platform. Merchants cannot change anything. If a merchant wants to keep the same invoice number, here are methods to resolve the situation:

  • Allow a partial payment. If the new amount due is less than the original invoice, allow the customer to make a partial payment by turning on the option in the EBPP merchant configuration. Communicate the new amount due with the customer outside of CenPOS and have the customer make a payment against the original invoice delivered.
  • If the new amount due is more than the original invoice, issue a second invoice for the difference.
  • Mark the invoice as paid and issue a new invoice with the same number. This removes the invoice as pending within CenPOS, but is probably not a best practice for accounting.

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