BillTrust Bill Presentment and Payment vs competitor CenPOS EBPP costs: review Part 3

What does it cost to use BillTrust e-invoice solution vs CenPOS? Hard costs include installation and set up fees, monthly fees, and per transaction or per invoice fees. Soft costs include time for project set up, efficiency of the solution and credit card interchange qualification fees. Neither company publishes their fees but we do have some general numbers to share.

Installation & set up ? Starting at $0
Monthly fee ? Starting at $149 per month
Per invoice delivery fee ? Included with EBPP service
Per transaction fee ? Included with standard CenPOS services
Capacity fee ? None
Invoice Storage fee ? None

I’ve heard of quotes of $3000 and up for installation and set up, however, this information is from third parties. I invite you to comment below on estimates or actual costs.

Soft costs are harder to measure or comment on. BillTrust is an invoicing solution. CenPOS is a multi-channel payment acceptance solution. We have many merchants that send e-invoices, but also accept payments online, in retal stores, via mobile etc.

The BillTrust and CenPOS EBPP blog series highlights product differences to help business to business companies select the best e-invoicing solution. Each company serves the electronic bill payment and presentment marketplace, but how they accomplish the goal is very different. Each article will address one specific item of interest.

ABOUT BILLTRUST: BillTrust is an established company with a history of customer billing success. They provide billing via US mail, email, and fax.

ABOUT CENPOS: CenPOS is a fast growing, intelligent payment processing network that streamlines the payment experience for businesses and consumers by using state-of-the-art technology to replace inefficient, outdated payment systems. They provide billing via SMS (text), email, and fax, with three different implementation options from non-integrated to integrated. CenPOS also offers merchants the option to collect a one time payment online without customer registration. CenPOS offers a single payment platform and gateway for all payment points, including online, retail, kiosk, ecommerce, mobile, and EBPP.  For information, contact your blog host and CenPOS sales Christine Speedy at (954) 942-0483.

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