Are you struggling to get your suppliers to send you e-invoices?

Do you struggle with task overload in the accounts payable department? Do you want to receive e-invoices, but most of your suppliers don’t offer it and you don’t have the time to chase them down?

5 Steps to receiving supplier e-invoices

  1. Eliminate the main drawback- business disruption due to complexity and time involvement for setting it up.  Set up time for your suppliers can be less than an hour.  Our process is non-disruptive, and support is free.
  2. Eliminate low participation. We’ll contact all of your vendors for you. There will be no set up fee, and they’ll be able to collect money faster, including via both ACH and credit/debit. Who wouldn’t want that?
  3. Guaranteed reduced float time with timely deliveries and automated reminders for unpaid bills.
  4. Credit card processing cost management with Interchange optimization. Every company talks about “level 2” data as if it’s the king of reducing costs. Yes, it’s important for B2B, but interchange qualification is much more than that, or else so many merchants wouldn’t have ‘standard’, ‘EIRF’, and other non-qualified rates on their merchant statements, that cost them up to .7% more on credit card transactions. We have an intelligent switch that automatically optimizes each transaction vs. competitors static electronic gateways. Nobody else offers this in the middle market.
  5. Demonstrated impact on EBITDA. Our payment processing technology is transforming financial operations in the America’s by creating efficiencies, empowering payment processing cost controls, and mitigating risk. While every company benefits a little differently, after a demo, nearly 100% of suppliers we talk to request our solution.

Here’s a look at a typical payment object you’ll receive from your supplier:

EBPP Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

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