5 Ways to reduce Controller time on payment related activities

Five ways our host based payment processing platform reduces Controller time on payment processing related activities are below. Credit card processing transaction insight on demand will free up time for other activities.

  1. Create automatic daily email report with settled amount for each business segment you want to measure, and the total. Check against your bank deposit to match for reconciliation. Why hunt through page after page of reports to find the data you want to check? You’ll save paper and time.
  2. Dynamically create reports that you want to see and have them emailed to you on your schedule- daily, weekly, monthly. Do you want to know all returns? Just returns for over a specified amount? List returns in order of who has the most?
  3. Set up heirarchy that reflects how you want to see business data- by location, business segment, or other criteria. You’re in control. Then access real time reports or set up automatic emails. What response are you having from direct mail, radio or other advertising?
  4. Instantly research any prior transactions. Search by date, amount, cashier, last 4 digits on card and other criteria.
  5. Set up commercial account contracts for re-billing to the same card number. Add multiple cards to the customer. To re-bill, enter the token ID, invoice number and amount. That’s it.

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