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CenPOS integrations include,
but not limited to:

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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics GP

CDK / ADP Dealer Services

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Whether you're a web developer, software developer, Quickbooks integrator, or ERP, our technology will help you grow your business faster and with greater efficiency.

Your clients need more than a gateway or a credit card processor or a check processor. They need solutions to create efficiencies, solve problems, and help them achieve PCI Compliance. Our intelligent gateway and switch, CenPOS, will close more business for you because of it's incredible power, yet elegant simplicity. With CenPOS you reduce friction not only to close sales, but for implementation and future account changes.

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5 Reasons to Choose CenPOS Integration

US EMV certified multilane terminal solutions

Centralized payments with one solution for every sales channel

Get paid faster with automated collections

Eliminate risk of collecting and storing credit cards with tokenization

Save Money - the average customer saves .5% to 1.5% off their processing fees with intelligent interchange management, plus additional savings in efficiencies and audits.

Segregate payments from software applications to mitigate risk and for reduced PCI Compliance burden

Merchant Experience

Sure, and other gateways have a larger developer integration pool, however, the merchant experience is archaic in comparison. CenPOS creates so many efficiencies in specific target markets, that nearly all of them will switch to CenPOS. To maintain your market share, and grow, you'll need different tools than the last decade.

Here's a few things we do that you may find hard or impossible to find elsewhere:

Level III processing retail

Level III processing all sales channels

Multilane Signature Capture Terminals; P2PE, ApplePay, Google Wallet, EMV, NFC / contactless

EMV chip and pin certified today, not EMV 'ready'

3D Secure (Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure)

Cash Management Optimization, including discounting, pin debit, and least cost routing

Ruggedized Mobile Payments with Infinite Peripherals




Developer Benefits

Billable opportunities for custom programming and integrations.

24/7 phone and email client support. (Development programming support may be more restrictive.)

API's for every integration need .