Christine Speedy Bio


  • Highly educated in payments industry and also have a technical background
  • PROCESSOR NEUTRAL- keep your processor or change, whichever is best for you.
  • Red Carpet service team. Most companies do very well meeting daily expectations. It's when the unexpected happens, you'll be happy you chose Christine Speedy.
Christine Speedy

Christine Speedy, owner of 3D Merchant Services, a CenPOS authorized reseller.

My goal is to provide you with the information needed to make all payment related decisions, including choosing me as your trusted reseller for payment services such as credit card processing, check processing and gateway services. I entered the credit card processing long after it was a mature marketplace, and quickly developed a reputation for superior knowledge to help merchants reduce credit card processing fees. In the new technology era, I've brought the same fervor and self-driven training to help guide you to the best solutions for cloud payments, mobile, and all future payment processing related needs.

I have relationships with many of the industries biggest players, yet I remain independent so that you'll always be presented the best solution. All agreements presented are direct with my partners for your peace of mind. There is never a consulting fee. My partners pay me for bringing them great clients. After the sale, I remain as your relationship manager, providing continual advice and support.

All presentations, pricing, and offers are made by Christine as a direct reseller of the appropriate registered ISO or technology company.

I think the story below from my past is kind of funny. The South Florida Business Journal article mentions whether consumers would trust using the internet with their credit card numbers. With the Miami Dolphins ecommerce store, one of the earliest ecommerce stores in the country at the time, we quickly proved that consumers would indeed.

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