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jr achievement south florida circle of wise woman

Christine Speedy, Owner, is a long term volunteer for Jr Achievement South Florida.

Christine is a graduate of a JA Company high school program, and now supports JA in the local community and other cities. "Kids are our future and they need to hear more about business, more about how the economy works, and more about careers long before they finish high school. JA programs expose them to all of this and more."

3D Merchant Services is committed to supporting JA needs through volunteerism, monetary support, and fundraising. Christine is a Founding Member of the Circle of Wise Women and the former Professional Networking Connection.

Are you a Jr. Achievement fan? Exclusively for JA Supporters (and those who want to help JA) 3D Merchant Services has a referral program to raise funds for JA South Florida or your local Jr. Achievement.

REFERRALS TO business to business companies with more than $5M annual revenues, primarily manufacturers and distributors. Typically the CFO is the contact. Most of our clients are along the Eastern seaboard, everything east of Chicago, and south to Florida.

To help B2B companies increase efficiency, security, and profits, we offer a FREE billing and merchant services analysis to identify obvious cost and efficiency saving potential and no-risk FREE trial.

$25 donation for each referral. That's right- just for talking regardless of any future business relationship! If a large business relationship ensues, we'll donate 10% of the gross revenues, paid monthly, direct to Jr Achievement of South Florida.

Upon request, donations may potentially be directed to an alternative Jr Achievement office or charity.