Christine Speedy & 3D Merchant Services

Offering the CenPOS payment platform and other payment processing services to merchants and technology companies.


Help midmarket companies improve profits, security, and efficiency by delivering flexible, scalable, payment processing solutions so they can competitively service their customers and mitigate risks. Most importantly, this is done without disrupting existing financial partnerships, including credit card processing relationships.

My primary product is a cloud payment processing platform with Payment Gateway and a suite of technology solutions all in one hub for accounts receivable, accounts payable, and collecting revenue for all sales channels. Businesses can optionally use our buying power for financial products, including merchant services, and check processing.



When 3D Merchant Services started, there was no real technology play and I sold credit card processing services. Those days are mostly over, but all the old information related to that service remain on the web site for merchant benefit. Because this site contains a lot of content about credit card processing, for legal reasons, it's a "First Payment Systems" web site, a registered acquirer with First Data and other processors with whom acquiring services are offered.

It's "powered by CenPOS", because CenPOS uses independent resellers to sell their products. There is no middle man for customer agreements which are all direct with CenPOS.

Christine Speedy, CEO

Christine Speedy, Owner, Independent Contractor

3D Merchant Services is a registered independent contractor with various technology and merchant services solutions companies. All merchant agreements are direct with the product service company represented. I have an entire array of choices to offer so that merchants can truly get the best solution for their needs, not the only solution a salesperson has to offer.

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: Syracuse Univ. BS Marketing Mgmt. Since 1995 I've worked on projects for numerous brick and mortar and ecommerce companies including Blockbuster Video, Miami Dolphins, The Sports Authority, and AutoNation. I've been involved in every aspect contributing to boosting revenues, I've watched 100's of companies come and go that purported to be the "next great thing' , while my recommended partners have proved to be winners again and again for my customers.

Even CFO's of large companies admit they've never seen the type of insider information I share. What are you waiting for? Call 954.942.0483 for your free analysis — it couldn't hurt!


First Data, Chase Paymentech, Global Payments, Vantiv, TYSYS, EPX, Moneris Solutions, and additional partners around the globe. 3D Merchant services is an independent contractor; aquiring services are available


Independent Payment Gateways: CenPOS,, Payflow Pro, Payflow Link, PayTrace

Gateways with new merchant account: First Data e4, Paymentech Orbital, 3Delta / Global Payments, Global Transport/ Global Payments, USAepay

Legal Disclaimer: is the web site of independent sales contractor Christine Speedy, whose clients have annual revenues totaling in the billions. I created this site as a sales tool. All merchant contractual agreements are direct with the appropriate vendor, carefully selected based on our discovery conversations and their ability to meet your expectations. It is standard practice for acquirers, gateways, and payment related companies to use independent contractors for their sales force, though it is less uncommon for one to develop an educational and marketing web site such as